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October 01, 2007: STAR WARS: “VECTOR” 10/1/07 (Horsepower)

Nearly four thousand years before Luke Skywalker was even a glint in his daddy's eye, a trio of Jedi seers have a vision of an ancient evil whose influence stretches far into the future-manifesting itself to some of the most powerful Force-users in the history of the galaxy . . . and possibly ending up in the hands of one of the secret Jedi Covenant's sworn enemies! I'm writing this column approximately one week after we made the formal announcement about "Vector," the first multi-era Star Wars crossover adventure. While a crossover is nothing new in the world of comics, it is a new idea in the Star Wars galaxy-especially when it spans forty centuries! Since our announcement, fans have been vocal, frantic, and generally beside... [more]

January 05, 2007: Star Wars 30 (Horsepower)

It's hard to believe three decades have passed since that first Imperial Star Destroyer rumbled across movie theatre screens, but it's true -- Star Wars turns thirty this year. The first film was an instant smash in 1977, and it's not wonder; George Lucas' story of an unpromising farm boy saving a princess and taking on an evil Empire touched on some pretty timeless themes. Friendship, familial bonds, loyalty, hope in the face of overwhelming odds . . . during the decade of an popular and protracted war, endless political scandal, and a depressing national energy crisis, Star Wars transmitted a message of hope to a generation that didn't know that that's exactly what it needed. Thirty years later those same social issues linger behind a... [more]

November 19, 2006: Star Wars: Dark Times #1--The Path to Nowhere (Review)

If I've said it once I've said it a centillion times, the best Star Wars stories since The Empire Strikes Back have come from Dark Horse Comics. Despite George Lucas' best efforts, Dark Horse has kept the Star Wars franchise alive and - yes - interesting. You need look no further than the new mini-series Dark Times for evidence of what I'm talking about. Dark Times takes place shortly after Palpatine's ascension (manipulation) to Emperor, a period of consolidation and tying up "loose ends." The insurrection on Plympto is one of these loose ends, where one of few surviving Jedi- General Dass Jennir -leads a band of Nosaurian guerillas against the armies of the Empire. But the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against Jennir and his men.... [more]

November 11, 2006: Star Wars: Dark Times #1 (Review)

The Republic has fallen, those who were once enemies are now allies, and Darth Vader wonders what his Emperor’s true motives are. Yes, Dark Horse has done it again. One more Star Wars book that helps make up for the prequel debacle. Though I am one of the few who actually enjoyed the movies for their popcorny goodness, I understand the complaints, the many, many complaints, and see the legitimate need for comic books to step up to the plate and fix things. Which, incidentally, is exactly what this particular one does. Dark Times takes place shortly after the fall of the Republic and focuses on the Jedi Knight Dass Jennir who has joined forces with separatists from the planet New Plympto, separatists who resemble those dinosaur humanoid... [more]

October 10, 2006: Star Wars: Dark Times #1--The Path to Nowhere (Review)

Dark Horse has had a fair amount of success in revamping their Star Wars comics after the Revenge of the Sith movie came out. They relaunched the classic era books as Rebellion, following up nicely on characters introduced in Star Wars: Empire while remaining accessible. They jumped on the videogame success of Knights of the Old Republic to launch a successful comic set in that time period. They had their Republic creators move over to Star Wars: Legacy and create a completely new tale set after the Expanded Universe we've seen thus far. And now, they introduce Dark Times, following up on the last stories in Star Wars: Republic to explore what happened to the last few Jedi left after Palpatine had wiped most of them out. It's an... [more]