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August 02, 2010: Buffy and more! 8/2/10 (Horsepower)

As Buffy Season 8 concludes, Joss Whedon and the crew are working triple-overtime to deliver more books than ever. In a three-day writing session this May, Joss and I broke the final four issues, scene by scene. I’ve worked with Joss for more than ten years, and I’ve picked up whatever I can about writing character-driven genre stories, but this was the best chance I’ve had to work hand in hand on a story. From the cover of Buffy #36 to the epic battle, we expect passionate reactions from the die-hard fans. And be sure to check out this month’s Riley Finn one-shot, from Caprica executive producer Jane Espenson, one of the busiest and most prolific writers in Hollywood. Fray artist Karl Moline joins her for their... [more]

March 29, 2010: I Will Wear a Tuxedo On That Day: Interview with Zack Whedon 03/29/10 (Interview)

Zack Whedon is probably best known for his work, with brother Joss, on the Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long Blog.  But Zack has been hard at work, writing for shows like Fringe and Deadwood, and is even starting to step into some serious recognition as comic-writer.  Dark Horse recognized Zack's talent early on, and helped foster his ability through some shorts on MySpace Dark Horse Presents, and then on the one-shot Dr. Horrible comic.  But it's the upcoming Terminator series that really highlight's his ability as great story-teller. Dark Horse got the chance to chat with Zack Whedon over email during one his brief breaks writing for the upcoming television series Rubicon, debuting soon on AMC. Coming from a television background, you seemed... [more]

March 03, 2010: Judgement Day 03/03/10 (Horsepower)

The Terminator franchise has had a long-standing relationship with Dark Horse Comics, and 2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of this partnership. Throughout the years comics have pitted these killer robots against Aliens, Predators, RoboCop, and Superman. On March 31, 2010 the comics return to their roots, paying homage to the James Cameron film that started what would become one of the most successful film franchises in the world. It’s 2029, thirty-two years since the computer system Skynet became self-aware and launched a nuclear strike against humanity on August 29, 1997—Judgment Day. In the aftermath remain colonies of people looking to survive in a desolate and vulnerable world. Three individuals stand apart from the rest in... [more]

November 20, 2009: Zack Whedon Breathes New Life into Terminator 11/20/2009 (Press Release)

DARK HORSE ANNOUNCES CREATIVE TEAM ON HIGHLY ANTICIPATED NEW SERIES NOVEMBER 19, MILWAUKIE, OR -- In 2029, Kyle Reese will be sent to 1984 to stop a T-800 from killing the mother of the resistance, Sarah Connor. But before his future son will send him back in time, Kyle Reese is simply another survivor in a desolate future. In a brand-new series, Zack Whedon (Dr. Horrible, Deadwood, Fringe, Rubicon) brings his sharp writing skills to one of the most celebrated sci-fi properties in history to tell the story of a man struggling to live in a world with little food, water, or hope. Never before has the iconic character from James Cameron’s first Terminator film been explored with such depth and humanity. Readers will have the opportunity to... [more]