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Star Wars: Omnibus--Droids

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Blog Critics, June 2008
Continuing Dark Horse’s line of reprinting out-of-print stories with affordable pricing, Star Wars Omnibus: Droids reprints the tales of our two favorite Droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, in the time between Revenge of The Sith and A New Hope. Back in the mid-1990’s, when Dark Horse had recently acquired the Star Wars license, they put out a number of Star Wars related series. One of the titles that was for “all-ages” was the Droids series. Back when it was released in 1994/1995, it was noted that it took place about five years before A New Hope. Now, in the post-prequel era, that has been amended to be 15 years after the events of Revenge of The Sith/five years before the events of A New Hope.

Droids had two separate series, a six-issue limited series, then an ongoing series that for various reasons ended after only eight issues. There was also a one-shot co-written by Anthony “C-3PO” Daniels himself. The two series were a bit lighter in tone than, say, The Dark Empire series, where Luke turns to the dark side for a bit and his friends and family must get him back. But lighter doesn’t always mean silly; the issues were fun, and these are issues I’d be happy to read to my girls.

Star Wars Omnibus: Droids collects the six-issue mini-series, “The Kalarba Adventures.” It tells of R2 & 3PO after they were acquired by the Pitareeze family and their misadventures with pirates and bounty-hunters! Look for an appearance by bounty-hunter IG-88 in this story.

The omnibus also collects the eight-issue series which was two four-issue tales. The first, “Rebellion,” deals with the droids being deputized and looking for con man Olag Greck on the smuggler moon Nar Shaddaa to arrest him for various crimes.

“Seasons of Revolt” is the story of what happens after R2 is infected by a computer virus. He decides to lead all droids in a revolution, and 3PO must stop him. The omnibus is the first time this story has been collected.Finally, "The Protocol Offensive," is the story of the droids having to save the planet Tahlboor. This was the tale co-written by Anthony Daniels, and it, too, is reprinted for the first time.

Once again, Dark Horse has another winner on its hands, especially with reprinting all the Droids tales in one handy omnibus with some issues having never been reprinted. Star Wars Omnibus: Droids is a book the entire family can enjoy. Now if Dark Horse could only reprint the eight issues from Marvel’s Droids series - which can cost around $20 each! - I and other Star Wars fans would be very happy.

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