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Herbie Archive Vol. 1

Writer: Shane O' Shea
Artist: Ogden Whitney
Variety, July 2008
Herbie Archives Vol. 1 (Dark Horse, $49.95) is one of those hidden gems that just kind of hits you from out of nowhere. Most fans probably know little about Herbie Popnecker, a fat kid with glasses and an affinity for lollipops who most definitely is not what he first appears to be. Appearing first in the American Comics Group's Forbidden Worlds series in 1958, Herbie not only talks to animals, but he can fly, travel through time, and is renowned by important and historic figures throughout the world and the universe. Describing these tales -- written by Richard E. Hughes (as Shane O'Shea) and drawn by Ogden Whitney -- hardly does them justice -- they're bizarre, very funny and the sort of thing that could only have been done in comics at the time. This is a pricey, high-quality volume, though it's worth it for the chance to discover some of these near-forgotten beauties.
Grade: A
--Tom Mclean

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