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Oh My Goddess! Vol. 17

Creators: Kosuke Fujishima
VOYA, August 2004
Oh My Goddess, Vol. XVII: The Traveler Ever since the day that college student Keiichi tried to call for takeout food and instead reached the Relief Goddess Office, his life has been much stranger. Mild and beautiful goddess Belldandy entered his life, later followed by devilish elder sister Urd and the younger computer whiz, Skuld. This volume collects three stories. First, echoing The Bride of Frankenstein, little robot Banpei learns that bringing to life the women of your dreams is only the start of trouble. Then, when Keiichi’s motorcycle club stores a dorm’s worth of stuff at this house, Skuld creates a space-expanding machine, but Keiichi and Belldandy end up trapped in infinite space. Finally, a Matthew Sweet song provides the background to a sweet tale of Schrodinger’s whales, time and friendship. Long-running series Oh My Goddess is a gentle romantic comedy, punctuated by rather puerile adult humor. Although the trials of Keiichi- as he deals with living with the woman of his dreams and her two sisters-frequently involve hormones, just as often they revolve around tender romance and wacky adventure. Author Kosuke Fujisjima even sneaks in a little Norse mythology. The stories in Oh My Goddess are simple, but not without sophistication, and are always beautifully drawn. For those who appreciate craft, the art alone is a compelling reason to try this book. Love, laughs, bittersweet sorrow, college hijinks, strange science and supernatural surrealism all burst from these pages. (Lisa Martincik)

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