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Museum of Terror

Creators: Junji Ito
Neo, January 2007

. . . Much more to our liking is the third volume of Junji Ito's Museum of Terror, out last month from Dark Horse. Full of stand-alone short stories, you don't need to have read previous volumes to make sense of this one, which is always nice. It's chock full of creepy stories that work immensely well to exploit the visual medium of manga to disturb the reader. Rather than relying on buckets of blood and gore to get the scares, Ito uses freakishly distorted characters in bizarre situations to create a spooky atmosphere. We really couldn't imagine these stories working as well in any other medium, so if you like your horror format, you best pick up Museum of Terror. Some of it's exceedingly good, although we were left wishing that some of the entries, particularly Den of the Sleep Demon, were a bit longer. Great value.

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