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Old Boy V1

Writer: Garon Tsuchiya
Artist: Nobuaki Minegishi
A.V. Club, September 2006
It's no big surprise that the manga series that inspired Park Chan-wook's propulsive revenge drama Oldboy is a very different experience from the film. But it's still jarring to see such the story play out with manga conventions in Old Boy Volume 1: A Western-looking hero (clean-shaven and big-nosed), dialogue-free pages of tiny panels packed with environmental details (feet on a floor, startled eyes, dripping sweat), and quick-scan pages that nonetheless only move the story forward slowly. The manga's story isn't nearly as propulsive and grim as the film version, but as soon as their plotlines begin to deviate, the manga becomes just as compelling, as the question becomes "Where does the story go from here?"? B+.

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