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Lady Snowblood Part 1

Writer: Kazuo Koike
Artist: Kazuo Kamimura
Active Anime, April 2006

From the author of Lone Wolf and Cub as well as Samurai Executioner, comes a story with a female lead about tragedy, bloodlust, and vengeance. Lady Snowblood is Oyuki, the woman who was born in prison by a mother who held a deep-seated grudge against hose who murdered her family and wronged her terribly. Yuki's life from before birth has been to be her mother's weapon, her shadow, the embodiment of that raging grudge demanding blood for the wrong done to her and her family. Having honed her skills as an assassin, Lady Snowblood uses not only her weapons, but a mind as sharp -or sharper- than any blade to cut down her targets while she searches for the three people her mother had charged her to find and destroy.

This story progresses in a very similar fashion to that of Samurai Executioner. Yuki goes from one assassination to he the next giving us a window in history with Koike's historically accurate details interwoven with his fictional tale of vengeance. Each assassination gives us some insight into Yuki as not only a weapon but a person. We see how clever and composed a killer Yuki is, as well as merciless in her acts as an assassin. In this volume we also learn of her origins and her mother's reasons for the grudge that would completely control her daughter's life.

The strikingly classic style of this manga is a strong reflection of the heavily dramatic story and tragic characters. Originally released in Japan in the early 1970s, Lady Snowblood remains timeless as a tale of retribution.

IN SUMMARY: Snow and blood combine in a maelstrom of duty and vengeance in this outstanding Japanese saga. (Holly Ellingwood)

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