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Grendel: Red, Black and White

Writer: Matt Wagner
Artist: Jill Thompson & Phil Noto & Michael Avon Oeming & Farel Dalrymple & Darick Robertson & Dan Brereton & Stan Sakai & Kelley Jones & Andi Watson & Jim Mahfood & Michael Zulli & Phil Hester & Ande Parks & various
Booklist, September 2005

Some 20 years ago, Wagner published his first stories featuring Hunter Rose, a young socialite who was secretly a criminal mastermind and fearsome costumed assassin known as Grendel. In the initial series, Rose died at the hands of Argent, a werewolf fighting on the side of the law.

Wagner has continued to produce Grendel , however, mostly by depicting future versions of the character, who comes, over the centuries, to be recognized as the incarnation of sheer evil. Others episodes revisit Rose’s stint as the first to wear the mask. This book gathers 23 interconnected stories that retell Rose’s life and death, all written by Wagner and illustrated by various artists in black-and-white with occasional blood-red accents. Wagner’s collaborators include Kelley Jones, Jill Thompson, and Michael Zulli, all known for their work on Sandman.

Grendel fans may best appreciate this alternative view of the story that started it all, but the collection affords new readers opportunity to experience the Hunter Rose saga in a single volume, rendered by an enjoyable diversity of talented illustrators (Gordon Flagg).

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