Playboy Interviews: Larger Than Life

Fame: It's a world unto itself. Only certain people--the lucky few--are permitted entrance. Their notoriety and influence shape our views on politics, art, commerce, music, even the way we dress and speak. Our lives become defined by how we were before they existed and how we see ourselves after. Everyone remembers where they were the first time they heard the Beatles, watched Muhammad Ali step into the ring, or how they sat in amazement as Marlon Brando filled the big screen. For the last 40 years, Playboy magazine has gone into the living rooms and into the minds of America's glittering few, capturing in candid interviews the thoughts and emotions of these historic men and women at the height of their fame. Now, Playboy and M Press are honored to collect the interviews of 14 people who shaped the world, who can truly be called Larger Than Life.

Includes interviews with The Beatles, Marlon Brando, Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell, Walter Cronkite, Bette Davis, Bob Dylan, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Mae West.

Published to coincide with the 45th Anniversary of The Playboy Interview.
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Genre: Non-Fiction
Features: Review
Publication Date:
December 13, 2006
HC, 400 pages, Biography, 6" x 9"
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