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Harlequin Ginger Blossom manga

Dark Horse Manga and Harlequin Books are delighted to present a shining new line of books that marry two of the most successful phenomena to hit bookstores - bestselling Harlequin romance fiction and female-friendly Japanese manga! These sparkling manga adaptations of Harlequin's best-selling titles are a romantic step above much of the cookie-cutter manga hitting the shelves today and feature stories by Harlequin's top authors!

Dark Horse will be presenting two new Harlequin manga lines both color-coded, one for younger readers and one for more mature readers. Harlequin Violet: Response is part of the "violet" line for mature readers. Response takes a sexy look at love in the workplace. Sure, you shouldn't date your boss, but what if he's really, really hot? Sienna is a temp hired at a busy London firm. In a stroke of luck, she's assigned to work with Alexis who's smart, sexy, and interested in her! But there may be a whole lot more to his attentions than he's letting on.

Harlequin Violet: Response is written by the woman behind some of Harlequin's smartest, sexiest titles, Penny Jordan. Jordan writes contemporary stories that appeal to women with attitude, and the old-fashioned romantics in us all!

Harlequin Pink: A Girl in a Million is part of the "pink" line and is color-coded to denote its purely romantic material. Intended for anyone who delights in the sweet side of romance! The story begins with a vacation encounter that was completely out of the ordinary for Carol. Is it a stumble in the road that has her head over heels or her attraction to intriguing older Marius? The next thing she knows, though, he's working at her hospital! Does she have what it takes to attract - much less keep the attentions of - this intimidating, sophisticated, and utterly compelling man?

Harlequin Pink: A Girl in a Million is written by Betty Neels whose stellar career includes the publication of 134 novels, published in more than 100 international markets.

There are currently three volumes planned for each line with a new volume arriving about every three months.

Harlequin Pink: A Girl in a Million is written by Betty Neels and features art by Kako Itoh. It arrives on sale December 7 with a retail price of $9.95.
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