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Concrete Vol. 3 Fragile Creatures

Dark Horse is pleased to present the latest volume of its collections of classic and rare Concrete stories with Concrete Volume 3: Fragile Creature.

When you're seven-feet plus of walking, talking stone, you're bound to draw the media spotlight, especially when you live in Tinseltown. Concrete's celebrity status is sometimes a pain in the buttress...but it does bring the occasional paycheck gig. When the producer of a low-budget science-fiction film approaches Concrete to use his prodigious strength to help save money on the film's FX budget, the siren call of Hollywood draws Concrete like a moth to a flame…a seven-thousand-dollar-a-week flame, that is.

This value-priced volume collects the Eisner Award-winning series Fragile Creature, along with bonus short stories "Litlle Pushes,""Fire at Twilight,""Byrdland's Secret,""The Artistic Impulse,""Burning Brightly, Brightly,""Next Best,"and "The Gray Embrace.”

Written and drawn by Paul Chadwick, Concrete Volume 3: Fragile Creature arrives on sale January 18 with a retail price of $12.95.
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Archived Press Releases

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