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Dragon Age Interview with David Gaider 2/17/12 Dark Horse Comics and BioWare are partnering on a different publishing model for an extremely exciting project. New Dragon Age comics are coming and they are exclusive to our Digital store beginning Feb. 22nd. We sat down with the writer David Gaider to chat a little bit about the upcoming series.... [more]
Empowered Interview 2/14/12 Hitting shelves Feb. 29th is an amazing collection of awesome. The Empowered Deluxe Edition Hardcover has over 700 pages of content for only $60 in this one time printing. That's one beautiful hardcover. And Don't miss your chance to win a copy of the book in this contest! While we could talk about the book all day, we figured we'd go to the source of the amazing stories and get to know her a little better. We sat down with Empowered at her HQ and asked a few questions. We may have even... [more]
Dark Matter Interview: Joseph Malozzi 12/22/11 Welcome to the next big thing in Sci-Fi Comics! Dark Matter is set to hit shelves Jan. 11th 2012 and we're honored to have Joseph Malozzi on board to help bring something new to the world of comics. We asked Joseph a few questions to get things started. He generously took a few moments to ease inquiring minds.... [more]
An Interview With House of Night Creator P.C. Cast and Kent Dalian 11/3/11 Check out our interview with House of Night creator P.C. Cast and comics writer Kent Dalian!... [more]
Evelyn Evelyn Interview: Amanda Palmer 9/19/11 Evelyn Evelyn creator Amanda Palmer took some time with us to share a few thoughts about the book and her creative process.... [more]

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Dark Horse Twitter Contest: Round 92
Updated 5/11/2012

Followers of Dark Horse Comics on Twitter have the chance to win a digital copy of Alabaster: Wolves #1...
Celebrate Earth Day with The Massive - Win Signed Channel Zero
Followers of Dark Horse Comics on Twitter have the chance to win a signed and sketched copy of Brian Wood's Channel Zero TPB collection....

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Conan the Barbarian
Updated 2/1/12

Iíve been writing comics about tough men with swords for a while now, and if there is one thing Iíve learned itís that swords and fighting donít...
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Updated 1/1/12

And thatís one of the reasons why my involvement in the Avatar comics has been such a thrill. As I work through the scripts, Iím playing in a...