Medal of Honor Special

Dark Horse Comics is proud to present this masterpiece of true wartime experiences fully sanctioned by the United States Congressional Medal of Honor Society. This special edition features two different tales of acts of courage based upon the real lives of Medal of Honor recipients, Lt. Charles Q. Williams and Sgt. Desmond Doss, adapted by comics author and Vietnam veteran Doug Murray. The first chapter titled "Night of Hell" is masterfully illustrated by comics legend Joe Kubert, who actually met Lt. Williams. The second story titled, "The Bible Tells Me So," features the sensational artwork of penciller Steven Lieber. Both stories are beautifully colored by Matthew Hollingsworth. With 32 pages of cover-to-cover action, this issue also features a cover by Joe Kubert.


Bob Schreck
Teena Gores
Cover Artist:
Joe Kubert
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publication Date:
April 01, 1994
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