The Groo 25th Anniversary Special

Celebrate twenty-five years of the world's stupidest barbarian doing stupid and barbaric things! After a brief hiatus, the Champion of Cheese Dip is back to battle the menace of "The Plague," an all-new story by the same guys responsible for all the Groo stories for the last quarter-century, Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier. Also, thrill to The Groo Alphabet, a primer of that hero's friends and foes (mostly foes), followed by a special illustrated text story by Sergio and Mark on how this comic came to be and why it just won't go away. Plus other silly features.

Celebrate twenty-five years of Groo!
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Mark Evanier
Sergio Aragones
Tom Luth
Genre: Humor
Features: Review
Publication Date:
September 12, 2007
FC, 56 pages
7 61568 14941 8
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