Blade of the Immortal #122: Barefoot part 1

A new story arc begins! Separated from Isaku and Manji, Döa and Rin begin to lean on each other for support, with neither of them knowing that they're actually on opposing sides of a complex, generations-long conflict. As Edo's most esteemed doctors mull over Kagimura's experiments and Manji's mystical, regenerative bloodworms, Rin starts spying on Edo Castle and Kagimura's comings and goings. She knows that Manji is trapped inside, and she just needs one big clue to get her rescue operation rolling. The Edo Castle stakeout commences with "Barefoot," part one of five!

* 2006 Eagle Award winner for "Favourite Manga Title"

* Winner of Japan's prestigious Media Arts Award and America's own Will Eisner Award.
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Hiroaki Samura
Genre: Manga
Publication Date:
February 14, 2007
b&w, 32 pages
7 61568 95340 4
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