B.P.R.D.: The Universal Machine #1

After their catastrophic encounter with the monster-god Katha Hem, the B.P.R.D. begin the work of trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild the team. Kate Corrigan travels to rural France in search of an ancient text that might undo the death of Roger, while back at B.P.R.D. Headquarters, Captain Daimio finally reveals the truth about his own death.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, with artist Guy Davis and co-writer John Arcudi, launch the five-part series that will determine the future of the B.P.R.D., while revealing key secrets about their past.
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Mike Mignola & John Arcudi
Guy Davis
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
Mike Mignola
Features: 2 Reviews
Publication Date:
April 12, 2006
FC, 32pg
7 61568 13674 6
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