Cannon God Exaxxion #14

For a while it seemed like Hoichi was out of the hero business, but now he's back, and it's trouble for the Riofaldian colonizers. But wait! Hoichi isn't the only hero on the block. Poor Akane has been imprisoned at alien headquarters and there's only one person who can save her...Hoichi's mom! It looks like she's got a little something up her sleeve, too. If you like incredible action, imaginative sci-fi, giant robots, and good looking ladies, Cannon God Exaxxion is a natural choice, and a nice, fat hunk of comics for the money.

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* Signature Sonoda action meets sexy sci-fi!


Kenichi Sonoda
Studio Proteus
Cover Artist:
Kenichi Sonoda
Publication Date:
June 18, 2003
b&w, 40pg
7 61568 11165 1 01411
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