Conan #31

Mike Mignola and Cary Nord conclude their bone-crunching adaptation of Robert E. Howard's "The Hall of the Dead" with an epic battle that allies Conan with a former enemy against slithering shadows and a veritable onslaught of undead warriors! Retainers to a lord long forgotten awaken to protect a treasure so sizable even the dead bemoan to see it stolen. Can a cunning Cimmerian and a foe-turned-friend withstand the power of such dark sorceries long enough to escape with both the loot and their lives?

Written by Eisner Award-winning Hellboy creator Mike Mignola!
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Mike Mignola
Cary Nord
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
Tony Harris
Features: Review
Publication Date:
August 16, 2006
FC, 32pg
7 61568 10373 1
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