Star Wars: Empire #40
The Wrong Side of the War part 5 (of 5)

The jig is up!

The Rebel intelligence operatives inside the Imperial base on Kalist VI have been discovered. Yet, even with their cover blown, this stalwart crew of Alliance heroes is determined to follow through with their mission no matter what the cost! As Imperial forces close in swiftly and mercilessly, will this band of Rebels need to be rescued from their own rescue mission? Find out in this explosive conclusion to "The Wrong Side of the War."

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Welles Hartley
Davide Fabbri
Christian Dalla Vecchia
Davide Fabbri
Randy Stradley
Cover Artist:
David Michael Beck
Publication Date:
March 01, 2006
FC, 32pg
7 61568 11564 2
Star Wars: Empire #40
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