Red String Volume 2

Romantic high school student Miharu Ogawa believes that red strings of destiny tie lovers together forever, but a few hardened hearts around her feel that such bonds can be easily broken. Still struggling with the news of the arranged marriage that her parents lined up for her, Miharu begins to doubt her first instincts about Kazuo Fujiwara. After a rainy afternoon brings them together, Miharu finds that she has more in common with the salacious Makoto Yosue than she thought. Karen begins to vie for the heart of a boy who's promised to another, as memories of a past love torture her. This second book presents chapters eight to fourteen of an ongoing journey of self-discovery. Collected for the first time ever!

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Gina Biggs
Genre: Manga
Publication Date:
January 30, 2008
b&w, 200 pages, TPB, 5 7/8" x 8 1/4"
Age range:
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