Dayan Collection Books: Dayan's Birthday Vol. 1 HC

The first book in the internationally popular Dayan Collection series comes to English for the first time!

After leaving the birthday party of one of his friends, Dayan the cat wonders what the meaning of a birthday is. After visiting three witches who figure out when his birthday is, Dayan throws a birthday party for himself, but forgets to invite the witches. When the witches find out, they turn Dayan into a kitten. Will Dayan and his friends be able to reverse the witches spell?

International best-selling author Akiko Ikeda has made the tales of the mischievous cat Dayan and his woodland friends in the magical realm of Wachifield a sensation around the world. Dark Horse brings these adventures to America for the first time in a series of adorable children’s books for readers of all ages!
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Akiko Ikeda
Genre: Fantasy
Features: 4 Reviews
Publication Date:
April 23, 2008
FC, 40, HC, 5 3/8” x 7 7/16”
Age range:
Dayan Collection Books: Dayan's Birthday Vol. 1 HC is not currently available from Things From Another World.If you're interested in locating this product, please consider contacting a registered comic shop or retailer near you.

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