Little Lulu TPB: Color Special

In rich, vibrant color for the first time in a half-century comes a guffaw-inducing selection of Little Lulu's landmark adventures!

Little Lulu is one of the truly great all-ages comics, with a monthly series that lasted four decades, the zany high jinks of eight-year-old Lulu Moppet and her lovable pals are not only classics of children's literature, but an indelible part of American popular culture. Her razor wit will tickle your brain and her sweet generosity will win your heart-Lulu is the All-American girl!

Experience the highlights of Little Lulu's illustrious comedy career as they were meant to be seen-in luscious full color!

"Little Lulu was one of my favorite comics as a kid. SImple enough for kids to enjoy, but hip enough to make grown-ups laugh out loud, it's one of the great unsung comics."
-Harvey Pekar, creator of American Splendor

"These little gems are timeless models of wry humor and unsurpassed comic timing ... Like Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes, they create an entire kids' universe of secret clubhouses, favorite soda fountain hangouts,and fantastic menaces."
-Publishers Weekly
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John Stanley
John Stanley, Irving Tripp
Genre: Humor, Classic
Publication Date:
September 13, 2006
SC, 208pg, FC, 7" x 10"
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