Mike Richardson on H.R. Giger

05/13/2014 5:31pm
While most will remember H.R. Giger for his work on Ridley Scott's iconic Aliens films, his contributions go far beyond one of science fiction's beloved franchises. Without a doubt, his designs and architecture of that rich lore changed the visual language of the genre forever, but his influence touched many aspects of fandom, from film to comic books to music. Giger not only inspired every step of our work on Aliens over the years, but even contributed directly to our earliest success with Dark Horse's partnership to release prints of his incredible art. Today, we see the loss of the one of the greats, 35 years after Ripley first came face to face with his most terrifying vision.

- Mike Richardson 

Artwork by Dave Palumbo, from the forthcoming Aliens: Fire and Stone #3
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