Dark Horse in the Headlines - August 15th

08/17/2012 11:27am


If you haven't been keeping up with your comics media, here's some key links and reviews for you to check out what we've got going on in the news!


Dark Horse to Release The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Encyclopedia

Dark Horse Comics confirmed on Thursday that it will release The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia encyclopedia on January 16, 2013. The company is partnering with Nintendo to release the full-color book. The hardcover encyclopedia will contain 248 pages and will retail for US$34.99.


R.I.P.D. Moves Back Three Weeks

Universal Pictures has pushed back the horror-tinged action-comedy R.I.P.D., starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges and based on the Dark Horse comic book mini-series, to July 19, 2013!  Just in time for COMIC-CON 2013!


Joe Kubert 1926-2012

Joe was a pleasure to know and to work with. His immense talent is legendary, and his influence on the comics industry is unquestioned. While his work lives on for future generations, he leaves a void that can never be filled. We’ll miss you, Joe.


The Art Of Darksiders II - An Interview With Vigil Games Creative Director Joe Madureira

Joe Madureira, a.k.a. Joe Mad, got his start in comic books before entering the video game industry. He worked on series like The Uncanny X-Men andBattle Chasers before joining up with Vigil Games to work on the original Darksiders.  The novel, Darksiders II - Death's Door will be available from Dark Horse this December. 




Alabaster: Wolves #5

"The teaming up of Kiernan and Lieber was a great choice; the pair play off of each other's strengths and they've made "Alabaster: Wolves" a strong debut for the character that makes me desperate to read more. Hopefully we'll get that soon. If you didn't read "Alabaster: Wolves" you've missed out on one of the creepier mini-series of the year." - Comic Book Resources 

"Dancy ends by saying, “you just gotta wait and see what’s next.” I sincerely hope that it’s another mini-series from Kiernan, Lieber and Rosenberg, because this one might be the best I’ve read in years. Anyone who is a fan of great comics where the story and art work in perfect harmony owe it to themselves to pick up Alabaster: Wolves , even if they aren’t a horror fan per se. This is a story that surpasses genre, as all great stories do." - Newsarama 


Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #1

"This is perfect for fans of the superhero genre that are tired of the carefully-manicured storylines that the "Big Two" provide. No punches are pulled here as Oeming brings some absolutely satisfying brutality to the story and art. And speaking of the art, this is some of the better work of Oeming’s career as he has added a new dimension of atmosphere and ambiance to his already stellar pencil work." - Complex Magazine 

"The Victories is very different from your typical superhero book and more than likely when it finishes its story it will be something that no one else will be able to replicate. It falls into that great creator owned realm of books that everyone loves/talks about, but that no one else can touch. The Victories is in its own class and you’re not likely to see repeats any time soon." - Comic Bastards


Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #5

"Dark Horse Comics is currently publishing some of the best comics ever to showcase re-interpreted and original tales starring Howard's classic characters. Along with Conan the Barbarian by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan, Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword is one of the best of the bunch.  " - Comic Book Bin 



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