This Land is Star Wars Land

06/22/2012 10:49am
To create a story, a writer must have characters. To challenge and change those characters and see how they react, then a writer must build a world around those characters. There's a vast universe within which Star Wars stories are told, but each new story requires an interesting setting. Set pieces to dress the stage and fabulous locations to delve into. This creates a sense of space, a engages you when you least expect it. 

Earlier this year we released Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi a new era of the SW universe. To create a real sense of the setting for Dawn of the Jedi we created a #0 issue. In it are locations, characters, and facts about the era. There's just so much excellent information for this new era of Star Wars comics that we felt we need to give readers a primer. 

If you haven't had a chance to check it out. You can pick up a digital copy of Dawn of the Jedi in the Dark Horse digital store. Check out a couple locations from the new era below and dig into the Dawn of the Jedi.

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